The allegory of Pilgrim’s Progress is a timeless classic that has been outsold only by the Bible. It describes the journey of a man, Christian, from his hometown of the City of Destruction to the Celestial City. Along the way, he encounters various opponents, tests, and trials who try to destroy him or deter him from his journey.

In one case, the road became very narrow, with a deep ditch on the left and a quagmire on the right. When Christian tried to avoid the one, he would begin to slip into the other. You can probably relate to this, if you’ve done much theological study; when we study the Bible and come to the realization that some doctrine we hold is false, human nature tends to pendulum-swing to the opposite camp, swerving away from the ditch into the quagmire. It’s our goal as we study the Bible to avoid that tendency.

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